(2005 by WINDRUSH (USA) – SUMMER’S SWEET SONG by Model Man) 

2011 Retired to stud

2012 Juxtapose (Judpot) b.filly

2013 Sun Sentinel (Captain Al) b.filly

2014 Valbonne (Var) b.colt

2015 Reabsorbed to Gimmethegreenlight

2016 Croisette (Var) b.filly

2017 (Judpot) b.colt- died as a foal

2018 Just Fabulous (Judpot) b.filly

2019 Iconic Destination (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt

2020 Pineapplemintgreen (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2021 Barren to What A Winter

2022 Flying South (What A Winter) b.filly