Honour Roll

G3 Winners

Erik The Red being led in after winning the Gr 3 Cape Of Good Hope Nursery

Green Laser wins the Gr 3 Sea Cottage Stakes at Turffontein

Ghaalla wins the 2018 Fillies Mile

Doublemint wins Winter Derby

Green Pepper- 2016 Magnolia Handicap

DOUBLE WHAMMY- Lanzerac Diana Stakes, 2014

TRUE MASTER - East Cape Derby, 2013

MASTER PLAN - Mango 2200, 2013

JET AGLOW - Victress Stakes 2013

ARCOLA – Caradoc Gold Cup G3

WAR HORSE – Protea Stakes G3

GIVE ME FIVE – Sycamore Sprint G3

       Follow Me (Fillies Mile, 2021)

       One Night In Paris (Princess Charlene Starling Stakes, 2021)

       Johnny Hero (Jubilee Hcp, 2021)

       Don’t Look Back (4Racing Gold Bowl, 2021)

       Silvano’s Pride (Victress Stakes, 2020) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr A.C Peter

       Due Diligence (Princess Charlene Starling Stakes, 2020)

       Malmoos (Graham Beck Stakes, 2020)

       Marchingontogether (Track And Ball Derby & Lonsdale Stirrup Cup, 2020) Bred on Varsfontein by Jagessar Ltd

       Erik The Red (Cape Of Good Hope Nursery, 2020)

       Green Laser (Sea Cottage Stakes, 2020)

       Doublemint (Chairman’s Cup, 2020) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

Ghaalla (Fillies Mile, 2018)

Tap O’Noth (Cape Classic, 2018) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

Doublemint (Winter Derby, 2018) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

Heir Line (Zimbabwe Republic Cup, 2018)

Made To Conquer (Lonsdale Stirrup Cup, 2018) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr M De Broglio

Surcharge (Tony Ruffel Stake, 2018)

Doublemint (Politician Stakes, 2018) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

Strathdon (Cape Summer Stayers, 2017) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

Hashtagyolo (Flamboyant Stakes, 2017)

Princess Peach (The Sunlife Vitamins Debutante, 2017)

Captain Splendid (Lonsdale Stirrup Cup, 2017)

Green Pepper (Magnolia Hcp, 2016)

        Doosra (Graham Beck Stakes, 2016)

Captain America (Matchem Stakes, 2016)

Captain Splendid (East Cape Derby, 2016)

Black Arthur (Cartier Politician Stakes, 2016) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

Petala (Kenilworth Fillies Nursery) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs A.N Foster

Double Whammy (Lanzerac Diana Stakes, 2014) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr A. Luck

Master Sabina (The TabGold 2200, 2014) Bred on Varsfontein by M. De Broglio

Jet Belle (Poinsettia Stakes, 2014) Bred on Varsfontein by Messers Bailes, Elphick & Saunders

A Boy Named Sue (Chairman’s Cup, 2013) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs Hudson

Jet Aglow (Victress Stakes, 2013)

Master Plan (Mango 2200, 2013)

        River Crossing (Lonsdale Stirrup Cup, 2013)

True Master (East Cape Derby, 2013)

Northern Heritage (Champagne Stakes, 2012). Bred on Varsfontein by T.L. Bailes

War Horse (Protea Stakes, 2012).

Arcola (Caradoc Gold Cup, 2011).

Give Me Five (Sycamore Sprint, 2011).

Precedent (Flamboyant Stakes, 2011).

Robert The Bruce (East Cape Derby, 2010). Bred on
Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs Foster

Alexandra Rose (Monrovia H, USA, 2009).

Aquintaine (Jacaranda H, 2009).

Passive Resistance (Strelitzia Stakes, 2009)

Dash For Gretna (Acacia H, 2006). Highveld Champion.

Floatyourboat (Cape Classic, 2005).

I’m Like Hello (Champagne Stakes, 2004).

Something Else (Somerset 1200, 2004; The Langerman, 2004).
Cape Champion 2-y-o.

Jalberry (Pretty Polly Stakes, 2003).

Perfect Promise (Diana Stakes, 2003).

Zolaroyale (Champagne Stakes, 2003).

Spook Express (Suwannee River H, USA, 2001; Honey Fox H, USA, 2001).

Emcee (Matchem Stakes, 1998).

London Season (Final Fling Stakes, 1998).

Thingumajig (Racecourse Bookmakers Handicap, 1998).

Marlagain (Diana Stakes, 1997).

Mason Dixon (Matchem Stakes, 1997).

Cowabunga (Natal Provincial Guineas, 1994).

Marla (Varsfontein Sceptre Stakes, 1993).

Crown Agent (CTP Stakes, 1986).