Honour Roll

Listed Winners

Erik The Red wins the Listed Summer Juvenile Stakes in the silks of Varsfontein Stud

Amy Johnson surging late to win the Listed Perfect Promise Sprint

American Landing winning the East cape Derby

Surcharge winning the 2017 Secretariat Stakes

Queen Forever wins 2017 Lady's Slipper

Alexa winning the 2017 Syringa Handicap

MALEFICENT- Listed Devon Air

Double Whammy winning the 2016 Lady's Pendant

TOUCH THE SKY- Syringa Handicap 2015

STORM WARNING - Listed Aquanaut Handicap 2014

TOUCH THE SKY - Listed Oaks Trial 2014

GREAT RUMPUS - Listed Easter Handicap 2014

       Zapatillas (Sophomore Sprint, 2021)

       Peace In Our World (Champion Juvenile Cup, 2021)

       Whatever Next  (Dahlia Plate and East Cape Nursery, 2021) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

       Doublemint (Jet Master Stakes, 2021) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

       Black Knap (Settlers Trophy, 2020) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

       American Princess (East Cape Derby, 2020)

       Erik The Red (Somerset 1200, 2020)

       Racine (Milkwood Stakes, 2020) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

       Favorita (East Cape Fillies Nursery, 2020)

       Erik The Red (Summer Juvenile Stakes, 2020)

       Strathdon (Woolavington, 2019) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

       Belgarion (Settler’s Trophy, 2019) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

Third Runway (Irridescence Stakes, 2019)

Amy Johnson (Perfect Promise Sprint, 2019)

Doosra (Wolf Power 1600, 2019)

All At Once (Swallow Stakes, 2019)

Beataboutthebush (East Cape Paddock Stakes, 2018)

American Landing (East Cape Derby, 2018) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr M De Broglio

Parabola (The Scarlet lady, 2018) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr M De Broglio

Surcharge (Secretariat Stakes, 2017)

Strathdon (Woolavington Stakes, 2017) Bred on Varsfontein by Mr & Mrs AN Foster

Beataboutthebush (East Cape Paddock stakes, 2017)

Queen Forever (Lady’s Slipper, 2017)

Alexa (Syringa Handicap, 2017)

Love To Boogie (Olympic Duel Stakes, 2017)- Bred on Varsfontein by Mr AC Peter

Polyphonic (Jacaranda Handicap, 2017)

Pagoda (Derby Trial, 2017)

Beataboutthebush (Breeders Guineas, 2017)

Gold Standard (RA Stakes, 2016)

Green Pepper (Gardenia Stakes, 2016)

Maleficent (Devon Air Stakes, 2016)

Double Whammy (Lady’s Pendant, 2016)

Touch The Sky (Syringa Handicap, 2015)

Great Rumpus (Easter Handicap, 2014)

Storm Warning (Aquanaut Handicap, 2014). Bred on Varsfontein by T.L Bailes

Touch The Sky (Oaks Trial, 2014)

Cause To Believe (Winter Oaks, 2011).

Covenant (Sweet Chestnut Stakes, 2011).

Justthewayyouare (Spook Express Handicap, 2011).

Comebackanddance (Breeders Guineas, 2010).

Dane Julia (Liverpool Leader Wiggle Quality 2010).

Esterel (Bauhinia H 2010). 

Hospitality (Woolavington H, 2010).

Precedent (Syringa Hcp, 2010).

Servilia (Lady’s Pendant S 2010).

Star Empire (Darly Arabian Open, 2010).

Winter’s Night (Spar Tankard, 2010; Bloodstock SA Stakes,
2010; FBC Derby, 2010; OK Grand Challenge, 2010, Michaelmas H, 2010).

Kiss Again (Winter Juvenile Stakes, 2009)

Alexandra Rose (Eastern Cape Fillies Nursery, 2005;
Monrovia H, USA, 2007)

Olympic Storm (Jacaranda H, 2007)

Pavlovich (Memorial Mile, 2007).

State Coach (Memorial Mile, 2006; Jockey Club Stakes, 2007).

Floatyourboat (Western Cape Breeders Stakes, 2005).

School Assembly (Starling Stakes, 2005).

Toga (East Coast H, 2005; Royal Palm H, 2005).

Duchess Daba (Renounce Stakes, 2004).

La Diablesse (Sun Charriot H, 2004).

Perfect Promise (Prix du Cap, 2004).

Rubirosa (Spook Express Stakes, 2004).

Something Else (Lord Charles Somerset 1200, 2004). Cape Champion 2-y-o.

Jalberry (Goldfields Sprint, 2003).

Night Sight (Victress Stakes, 2003).

Secret Heart (Prix du Cap, 2003).

Peppermint (Zimbabwe Breeders Champion Stakes, 2001).

Flaming Thunder (Michael Roberts Handicap, 2000, 2001, 2002).

Dacha (Prix du Cap, 1996 and 1997).

Rajiv (Snow Cruywagen Juvenile Handicap, 1992).

Dream Come True (Umzimkhulu H).

Bwana Bahati (Durban Nursery Stakes, 1997).

Phantom News (Vaal Platinum Fillies, 1988).

Crown Sable (Thorn EMI Sprint, 1983).

Jammy Henry (TAB 4yo Handicap, 1983).

Spanish Lace (Ladies Mile, 1981).