(2009 by CAPTAIN AL – SWEET NATASHA by Russian Fox (USA))

2013 Retired to Stud

2014 Silver Thursday (Silvano) ch.filly

2015 Bunker Hunt (Dynasty) b.colt

2016 Aborted Silvano foal

2017 Salvator Mundi (Dynasty) b.colt

2018 Margin Call (Master of My Fate) b.filly

2019 Bee In My Bonnet (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2020 My Soul Mate (Master Of My Fate) b.filly

2021 Gimmesmoreicecream (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2022 Gimme What I Want (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2023 Winterworldoflove (What A Winter) b.filly