(2006 by JALLAD (USA) – PROMISEFROMMYHEART by Elliodor (Fr))

2010 Retired to stud

2011Guiding Light (Judpot) b.filly

2012 (Dynasty) b.colt- died as a yearling

2013 La Revere (Var) b.filly

2014 Hashtagyolo(Dynasty) b.filly

2015 Marchetto (Silvano) b.colt

2016 Myhopesanddreams (Dynasty) b.colt

2017 My Everything (Dynasty) b.filly

2018 East Of The Sun (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt

2019 Guiding Spirit (Dynasty) b.colt

2020 (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt – died as foal

2021  Barren to Gimmethegreenlight

2022 Green Gateway (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt

2023 Hashtag Random(Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly