(2008 by CAESOUR (USA) – STATE TREASURE by Free State (IRE))

2013 Retired to Stud

2014 No return

2015 Bellingham Bay (Sail from Seattle) b.colt

2016 Imperial Rage (Judpot) b.colt

2017 Imperial Duke (Duke of Marmelade) b.colt

2018 Follow Me (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2019 Empress Of Fate (Master of My Fate) b.filly

2020 Rudolf The Founder (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt

2021  (Master Of My Fate) b.filly – foal died

2022 King Harald (Erik The Red) b.colt

2023 (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt – died