(2007 by CAESOUR (USA) – ALEXANDRA BI (IRE) by Darshaan)

2011 Retired To Stud

2012 Alessia (Judpot) b. filly

2013 Andermatt (Western Winter) b.filly

2014 Expedite (Judpot) b.filly

2015 All at Once (Captain Al) db.filly

2016 (Duke of Marmelade) b.colt – foal died

2017 Tenacity (Master of My Fate) b.filly

2018 Barren to Duke Of Marmelade

2019 Atticus Finch (Master of My Fate) b.colt

2020 Alphenaandenrijn (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt

2021 One And All (One World) b.colt

2022 Asminderod (Erik The Red) b.filly

2023 Ally Pally (Master Of My Fate) b.filly