Stud Book


(1999 by DAARIK (IRE) – SLEW PER SCEPTRE by Slewpendous (USA))

2005 Retired to stud
2006 Winter’s Night (Western Winter) b.colt
2007 Night Jasmine (Fort Wood) b.filly
2008 Master Cooper (Jet Master) ch.colt
2009 Caesour filly- died as a foal
2010 La Choutte (Western Winter) ch.filly
2011 Barren to Western Winter
2012 Christmas Carol (Western Winter) b.filly

2013 Barren to Silvano
2014 Mario Lanza (Judpot) b.colt
2015 Barren to Silvano
2016 A First Light (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2017 Barren to Var

2018 (Admiral Kitten) ch.colt -died as foal


(2000 by CAESOUR (USA) – RIDING LIGHT (FR) by Top Ville (Ire)) 

2004 Retired to stud
2005 Flintoff (Sportsworld) b.colt
2006 Ozymandias (Jallad) b.colt
2007 Running Tide (Spectrum) b.colt
2008 Van Lent (Silvano) b.colt
2009 Captainofmysoul (Captain Al) b.filly
2010 Perini (Judpot) b.filly
2011 Jezero (Judpot) b.colt
2012 Sylvester The Cat (Black Minnaloushe) b.colt

2013 Captain At Sea (Captain Al) b.colt
2014 Azinza (Captain Al) b.filly
2015 Circle In The Sand (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly
2016 Barren to Judpot

2017 (Judpot)b.colt foal died

2018 Pottinger (Judpot) b.colt


(2013 by HORSE CHESTNUT – COSIMA LISZT by Rich Man’s Gold)

2017:  Retired to stud

2018:  Peace In Our World (Ideal World) b.colt


(2011 by BLACK MINNALOUSHE – NIYABAH (IRE) by Nashwan (USA))

2015 Retired to stud

2016 Third Runway (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2017 In A Huff (Judpot) ch.filly

2018 High Dudgeon (Judpot) ch.filly


(2013 by PHILANTROPIST (USA) – FIRST ARRIVAL by Northern Guest (USA))

2018:   Retired to stud


(1997 by HALLGATE (GB) – KENDAL MINT by Bolide (USA))

2002 Retired to stud
2003 Vitamin (Sportsworld) ch.filly
2004 Mint Green (Caesour) b.colt
2005 Hot Pepper (Model Man) ch.colt
2006 Pepperpot (Parade Leader) ch.filly
2007 Barren to Caesour
2008 Barren to Var
2009 Aborted Victory Moon foal
2010 Barren to Judpot
2011 Peppermint Crisp (Judpot) ch.filly 
2012 Barren to Judpot
2013 Pint Pot (Judpot) ch.filly
2014 Peppermint Tea (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly
2015 (Judpot) ch.filly- died as a foal
2016 Barren to Judpot

2017 Barren to Judpot


(2001 by MODEL MAN – YOUNG POLLY by Del Sarto (USA))

2005 Retired to stud
2006 Perfect Strike (Strike Smartly) b.filly
2007 Aborted Spectrum foal
2008 Butler Yeats (Black Minnaloushe) b.colt
2009 Blackmalkin (Black Minnaloushe) b.colt
2010 Along Came Polly (Judpot) b.filly
2011 Politicallycorrect (Judpot) b.colt 
2012 Barren to Judpot
2013 Aunt Polly (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly
2014 Aborted Judpot foal
2015 Perfect Peter (Judpot) b.colt
2016 Still born Judpot foal

2017 Pollygoneshopping (Judpot) ch.filly

2018 Barren to Judpot


(2010 by FORT WOOD (USA) – MONEY TRAIL by Northern Guest (USA))

2015 Retired to stud

2016 Pinch Pot(Judpot) ch.colt

2017 Pinch Me (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2018  At A Pinch (Wylie Hall) b.colt


(2012 by JUDPOT – MISS TEENAGE DREAM by Model Man)

2017:  Retired to stud

2018: My Best Buddy (Flower Alley) b.filly


(2014 by JUDPOT -PRINCESS POLLY by Royal Chalice)

2018:  Retired to stud


(2007 by FORT WOOD (USA) – PRINCESS POLLY by Royal Chalice)

2011 Retired to stud
2012 (Atso)- died
2013 Just Poly (Just As Well) colt
2014 Touch Me Not (Judpot) ch.filly- died as a yearling
2015 (Just As Well) b.filly- died as a foal
2016 Barren to Judpot

2017 Powder Puff (Judpot) ch.filly

2018 Aborted Judpot foal


(2012 by JUDPOT – PRINCESS POLLY by Royal Chance)

2017:  Retired to stud

2018 Callmemrgreenlight (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt


(2013 by CAPTAIN AL – DAME KIRI by Flaming Rock)

2017: Retired to stud

2018: (Master of My Fate) b.filly


(2014 by CAPTAIN AL – PRINCESS TOBIN by Badger Land)

2018  Retired to stud


(1998 by ROYAL CHALICE – YOUNG POLLY by Del Sarto (USA))

2003 Retired to stud
2004 Polly Pocket (Western Winter) b.filly- died in training
2005 Fort Wood colt- died as a foal
2006 Barren to Jet Master
2007 Polyanthus (Fort Wood) b.filly
2008 Master Plan (Jet Master) b.colt
2009 Great Rumpus (Black Minnaloushe) b.colt
2010 Polychromatic (Black Minnaloushe) ch.filly
2011 Polly Wolly Doodle (Judpot) b.filly
2012 Polyphonic (Judpot) b.filly

2013 Powder King (Western Winter) b.colt
2014 Polly Maggoo(Judpot) ch.filly

2015 Polly’s Destiny (Master of my Fate) b.filly

2016 Policy Target (Master of My Fate) b.colt

2017 (Judpot) ch.colt

2018 Aborted Judpot foal


(1999 by BADGER LAND (USA) – ALICE B TOBIN by J O Tobin (USA))

2003 Retired to stud
2004 Always A Pleasure (Kabool) colt
2005 Badger’s Cove (Joshua Dancer) filly
2006 Footsteps (Dynasty) filly
2007 Kilty (Dynasty) filly
2008 Princess Alberta (Captain Al) filly
2009 Barren
2010 Barren to Captain Al
2011 Toby Jug (Judpot) b.filly 
2012 Aldiara (Captain Al) b.filly

2013 Slipped to Gimmethegreenlight
2014 Princess Peach (Captain Al) b.filly
2015 Oh Mercy Me (Master Of My Fate) b.filly

2016 American Princess (Master of My Fate)b.filly
2017 Puffs and Taffels (Master Of My Fate) b.filly 

2018 Barren to Master of My Fate


(2008 by JALLAD (USA) – GYPSY QUEEN by Royal Chalice)


2012 Retired To Stud
2014 Queen Forever (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly
2015 Willian Henley (Master of My Fate) b.colt
2016 Keep Smiling (Flower Alley) ch.filly 

2017 Bold Resolve (Master of My Fate) b.colt

2018 Aborted Dynasty foal


(2006 by JALLAD (USA) – CAUGHTINTHESLIPS by Caesour (USA)) 

2011 Retired to stud
2012 Aborted Judpot foal
2013 William Grace (Dynasty) b.colt
2014 Slipped to Captain Al
2015 Hit For Six(Dynasty) b.colt
2016 In The Gully (Flower Alley) b.colt 

2017 Ultra Edge (Master of My Fate) b.filly

2018 Aborted Gimmethegreenlight foal


(2004 by FORT WOOD (USA) – RUBICON (GB) by Irish River (FR))

2009 Retired to stud
2010 Rand Lord (Black Minnaloushe) b.colt
2011 Rouge Et Noir (Black Minnaloushe) b.filly
2012 Rain Shadow (Lateral) b.colt
2013 Barren to Querari
2014 (Querari) b.filly
2015 Point of No Return (Philantrophist) b.filly- died as a foal

2016 Zambezi Teak (Judpot) b.colt

2017 Get Set Go (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2018 Robin of Sherwood (Judpot) b.colt


(2012 by CAESOUR – RUBICON by Irish River)

2016 Retired to stud

2017 Barren to Judpot

2018 Barren to Master of My Fate


(2013 by FORT WOOD (USA) – COVENANT by Western Winter (USA))


2018  Retired to stud


(2005 by FORT WOOD (USA) – SECRET PACT by Bush Telegraph)

2010 Retired to stud
2011 Captainofmyheart (Captain Al) b.colt 
2012 No return (not covered in 2011)

2013 Hack Green (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt
2014 Mission Valley (Judpot) b.colt
2015 Scoop (Captain Al) b.colt
2016 Our Man in Havanna (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt 

2017 (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly- died as a foal

2018 Barren to Gimmethegreenlight


(2009 by CAPTAIN AL – SWEET NATASHA by Russian Fox (USA))


2013 Retired to Stud
2014 Silver Thursday (Silvano) ch.filly
2015 Bunker Hunt (Dynasty) b.colt
2016 Aborted Silvano foal

2017 Salvator Mundi (Dynasty) b.colt

2018 Margin Call (Master of My Fate) b.filly


(2012 by CAESOUR (USA) – LOVE ON THE RUN by Elliodor (FR))


2015 Retired to stud

2016 Mary in Haste (Judpot)b.filly

2017 Set the Date (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2018 Aborted Judpot foal


(2012 by SILVANO (GER) – LIVE YOUR DREAMS by Jallad (USA))


2017:   Retired to stud

2018: Mychancetodream (Global View) b.filly


(2012 by SILVANO (GER) – MAJESTIC STAR by Doowaley (IRE))

2018  Retired to stud


(2002 by SPECTRUM (IRE) – SUBYA (GB) by Night Shift (USA))

2005 Retired to stud
2006 Pivotal Support (Pivotal) b.colt
2007 Cinnamon (Fort Wood) b.filly
2008 Felix The Cat (Black Minnaloushe) b.filly
2009 Augusta National (Jet Master) b.filly
2010 Dream Away (Judpot) b.colt
2011 Mljet (Jet Master) b.colt 
2012 Bombardino (Western Winter) b.colt
2013 Barren Bellet (Var) b.colt
2014 Green Fairy (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly
2015 Dream Destiny (Master of my Fate) b.colt
2016 Aborted Master Of My Fate foal
2017 Sea Master (Master Of My Fate) b.colt 

2018 Barren to Master of My Fate


(2011 by SAIL FROM SEATTLE – MARITSA by Danehill)

2017:  Maiden

2018:  Estival (Master of My Fate) b.colt


(2005 by WINDRUSH (USA) – SUMMER’S SWEET SONG by Model Man) 

2011 Retired to stud
2012 Juxtapose (Judpot) b.filly

2013 Sun Sentinel (Captain Al) b.filly

2014 Valbonne (Var) b.colt
2015 Reabsorbed to Gimmethegreenlight

2016 Croisette (Var) b.filly

2017 (Judpot) b.colt- died as a foal

2018 Just Fabulous (Judpot) b.filly


(2002 by AL MUFTI (USA) – LONE SAILOR by Hard Up (Arg)) 

2006 Retired to stud
2007 Sammy Joe (Dynasty) filly
2008 Bustopher Jones (Tiger Dance) colt
2009 The Knobster (Eyeofthetiger) colt
2010 (Tiger Dance) colt
2011 (Sail From Seattle) colt
2012 Belenos (Judpot) ch.colt
2013 Kapteinspandiseile (Judpot) ch.colt
2014 (Judpot) b.colt- died as a foal
2015 Barren to Jackson
2016 Flagship Fund (Jackson) b.filly 

2017 Sunset Beach (Visionaire) ch.filly

2018 Code Zero (Master of My Fate) b.filly


(2012 by ROCK CANDY – TRIPPI by Candy Stripes)

2017:  Retired to stud

2018 Green Taffety (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly


(2010 by JET MASTER – MYSTIC SPRING (IRE) by Royal Academy (USA))


2015 Retired to stud

2016 Amy Johnson (Captain Al) b.filly

2017 Mister Blue Sky (Judpot) ch.colt

2018 Rotunda (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly


(2006 by CAPTAIN AL – PALACE GOSSIP by Dominion Royale (GB)) 

2011 Retired to stud
2012 Isabelle (Western Winter) b.filly

2013 Cavalleria (Silvano) ch.filly
2014 Yamoto (Dynasty) b.colt
2015 Barren to Duke Of Marmalade

2016 Eden Roc (Var) b.colt

2017 Meghan (Master of My Fate) b.filly

2018 The Green Gallant (Gimmethegreenlight) b.colt


(2013 by NOORDHOEK FLYER – FIRE TREAD by All Fired Up)

2017: Retired to stud

2018 Tinder Dry (Futura) b.filly


(2013 by VAR (USA) – PROMISEFROMMYHEART by Elliodor (FR)

2016 Retired to stud

2017 Favorita (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2018 Aranciata (Duke of Marmelade) b.colt


(2009 by CAPTAIN AL – SPRING LILAC by Joshua Dancer (USA))


2014 Retired to stud
2015 Vardo (Var) b.colt

2016 Master of Illusion (Master of My Fate)b.colt

2017 Atkinson Grimshaw (Judpot) b.colt

2018 Flower Seller (Flower Alley) b.filly


(2011 by TIGER RIDGE (USA) – ROCK CONCERT by Lecture (USA))


2015 Purchased for stud

2016 Me Time (Gimmethegreenlight) b.filly

2017 (Judpot) b.colt


(2000 by ELLIODOR (FR) – KISS OF PEACE by Fordham (USA))

2004 Retired to stud
2005 Quick Kiss (Sportsworld) filly- died as a foal
2006 Kiss Again (Al Mufti) b.colt
2007 Winter Kiss (Western Winter) ch.filly
2008 Aborted Black Minnaloushe foal
2009 Whatnot (Fort Wood) b.filly
2010 Top Jet (Jet Master) gr.colt
2011 Kissimmee (Jet Master) gr.filly 
2012 Parting Kiss (Western Winter) ch.filly
2013 Kissaway (Gimmethegreenlight) gr.filly
2014 Barren to Judpot
2015 It’s In His Kiss (Judpot) ch.colt
2016 Different Light (Gimmethegreenlight) gr.filly 
2017 Whatsinadream (Judpot) ch.filly 

2018 Barren to gimmethegreenlight


(2003 by CAPTAIN AL – LA INTRIGUE by Lustra (USA))

2015 Wildly In Love (Jay Peg) b.filly
2016 No foal- not covered in 2015

2017 Board Master (Master of My Fate) b.colt

2018 Mr Master Starter (Master of My Fate b.colt


(2011 by WESTERN WINTER (USA) – ALBIZIA by Fort Wood (USA))


2015 Retired to stud

2016 Masterofallisurvey (Master of My Fate) b.colt

2017 Come Winter (Judpot) ch.filly

2018 Master Of Time (Master of My Fate) b.colt


(2011 by WESTERN WINTER – DERRY WOOD by Fort Wood)

2015:  Retired to stud
2016:  Captain Al foal
2017:  Barren to Vercingetorix

2018 Uummannaq (Judpot) ch.colt